Here is a little more help for your boom..

that is, what you can get/see here

... "some picture tell more than thousend words" ...

at the first, the "password-thing"

your passoword (and your login-name) is never stored anywhere at our site!
this data is only be used to create your "personal booid"!
please be extremely cautious with your login-data, because there is no way to restore them!
(it is also a good idea to save your booid too)

the reason for that is:
you can always come back to your own boomark-site with no login.
you have only to set a bookmark in your current browser by clicking the:
"bookmark your boomark-site" ... and that's it!
this link takes you back to your bookmarks, allways and everywhere, with no login!

"booid", what's that?

your "booid" is that id, which was generated from your login- and password-strings, and which you can find documented above your boomark-list (after you've logged in)
and in the first (and only) mail, we sent to you, after your first login ("Double Opt-in").

what the hack is a "personal boolet"?
and what should i do with it?

your "personal boolet" is the thing with which you can bookmark any website,
and save the link to it, here on

the best way to use it is:
- you drag it in your browsers local bookmark-list (or in the 'favorites' of your browser)
- and at the next time, if you surf the web, you can click on it, to store the link of the current site you surf in your boomarks. after that you can access that link wherever you have access to ""!
that's it.

example for firefox-browser users:
a good place for the "boolet" is your "bookmark-toolbar" below the navigation-bar.
(see this screen-shots above)

the "boolet" is no magic!
it is simply a bookmark-let, or better said a little piece of javascript, that is collecting the information of the site, you're currently surf.
this collected information it takes to you boomark-account and stores it here.